Mehrgarh : A Treasure in Ruins

Mehrgarh one of the oldest indus valley civilization 9000BC   Mehrgarh is the site of the earliest known agrarian settlements in the South Asian subcontinent and lies to the west of the Indus River. Dubbed the Mehrgarh culture, this Neolithic settlement is now considered to be a precursor to the Indus Valley civilisation. Mehrgarh is […]

Top Tourist Attractions In Balochistan Need Visit Once in a Life

Ever since Balochistan became a part of Pakistan, the province that makes 44% of Pakistan’s total area still remains a mystery to the whole world. The mineral rich ingenierous and gifted lands of Balochistan has a side that trumps its resourcefulness; that side is astonishing and mind-boggling beauty, catering travelers to the top attractions of Balochistan. Since […]

Pakistan Best Travel Destination Years 2020

‘FORBES’ LISTS PAKISTAN IN BEST ‘UNDER-THE-RADAR’ TRIPS OF 2020 Pakistan’s emergence as an enticing travel destination for adventurous tourists gained another major supporter in the New Year, as Forbes Magazine listed the country among its ’10 Best Under-the-Radar Trips’ for 2020. In its round-up, headlined ‘The Not Hot List,’ the U.S.-based business magazine digs into locations that […]

Islamabad Covered in Fog/Clouds

Islamabad Capital under Dense Fog/Clouds Historic Dense Fog Recorded in Islamabad  These Photographs of Centaurus Mall Islamabad has been taken on 26 and 27 December 2019 ,while the city is covered in dense fog and clouds ,I took aerial shots of Margalla Hills and Islamabad Centaurus mall covered in fog and clouds .Apart from all […]

Minar-e-Pakistan’s hidden symbolism

REVEALED: Minaar-e-Pakistan’s hidden symbolism by a Aerial Photographer Aerial shots of the beloved national monument, the Minar-e-Pakistan, a spectacular sight in itself — in Lahore have revealed some remarkable features.Taken from specific angles, the photographs show that the Minar-e-Pakistan’s architect had used geometric patterns with great artistry to incorporate national symbols in the iconic monument.The […]